Ben and Daij weekly Top 5

Ben and Daij weekly top 5,….the hottest links of the week.
1. Leica customised cameras
The American company colorware now offer Leica cameras to be personalised through a range of colours. Although it is expensive, with the online design lab your camera could be truly unique, and that’s worth the money.
2. The Babies tickets
One of our favourite bands have come to London, and they are not to be missed. This catchy lo fi indie pop super group combines members of Vivian Girls and Woods. Catch them at Madame Jojo’s next Tuesday.
3. Second Head free download
Another product of Rory Atwell’s genius. The former Test Icicle, currently performing under Warm Brains, has produced this 3 track demo for Second Head which is a must have and has been bouncing around our skulls all weekend and will probably stay there for the coming week.
4. Vhils
One of our favourite pieces of street art is the hollowed out face on Dray Walk (off Brick Lane) by an artist called Vhils and another huge piece has popped up in Exeter. We love his work because even from a glance you can appreciate the skill it must’ve taken to create the pieces, it’s CARVED into the wall, which thankfully can’t simply be painted over leaving them in their rightful place for more people to enjoy.
5. Ayy online
Now to a youtube channel which addresses some of the stresses and issues of being a London teenager. Ayy lives in an area which seems quite similar to the one we live in and the behaviour and attitudes he describes are very similar to many people we know and even go to school with. I have to warn you though, there is some strong language and sexual content.
Go click them.
Be sure to come back next Monday for another Top 5.
Ben and Daij

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