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Technology advances, needs change, as well as tastes. And as we know Apple has always wanted to offer us the best in all its history, and without a doubt it has never failed us. all the changes and improvements that they make to their products, have always caused the same great impression, something like, what a child feels when they open the Christmas gift for the first time and discover that it was the puppy that had been asking for all the year. And as we already know this, there is no doubt that his next releases will cause that kind of Christmas effect in us.

I think it's worth saying that Apple decided to do something different this year. After all they are magicians in innovation Since the launch of their IPhone the public was already anticipating through rumors a possible substitution or substitutions of that recent model. So the most viable thing for them was to plan a strategy that could cover all the necessary fields for consumers and also allow them to maintain and increase the profit margin for the mega corporation.

What strategy are I talking about? Well nothing more and nothing less than launch three phones the same year. Something disturbing for brand lovers, who will surely already be curious to know what the new Iphones will offer.

We have compiled for you, reliable information about what is known to be seen in the new Apple phones. First we have to tell you that Apple will bet on three different kinds of phones.

New IPhones

The first is said to be the substitute by law of IPhone X, or we could also call it a second generation, with the same 5.8-inch OLED screen.

The second would be a second generation of the iPhone X Plus, which will come with a larger OLED screen of 6.5 inches.

And then there is a third party that will make the difference for being the most "cheap", Apple has in mind to present a new 6.1-inch IPhone with LCD screen. The latter will have a fully active screen, which will offer better technology than the IPhone 8 Plus has.

The three devices will have the screen from edge to edge with the same almost nonexistent bezels of IPhone X, in addition all will be equipped with a TrueDepth camera system that supports FaceID. So this year we say goodbye to the Home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the IPhones.

It is expected that OLEDs will continue to have dual-lens rear cameras that include 4GB of RAM. Larger and larger battery is expected for the larger model and could include dual SIM support in addition to a beautiful golden color.

We have to clarify that according to rumors that while the Iphones with OLED will be equipped with the same characteristics of the Iphone X, Apple will cut some features of the 6.1-inch model to maintain a low cost. It is said that it will have an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel, it will have a single rear camera for the lens, the screen will not be compatible with 3D Touch and it may not be equipped with wireless charging. Apple plans to sell the device for US $ 700 or US $ 800, making it more affordable by putting it on par with the iPhone 8. On the other hand, the 5.8-inch model is said to be around US $ 999, and the the 6.5 inches US $ 1,099, Apple is expected to announce the launch in early September and be sold soon after.

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Article by, Ana Rodríguez

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