B-side Community Feature: Misha Meghna

“You don’t have to resort to tricks to take pictures ... You don’t have to make anyone pose in front of the camera. The photos are there, waiting for you to do them. The truth is the best photography, the best propaganda” Robert Capa.
And that's what it's all about. Just the truth. Each artist transmits their truth through what they do, and that directly influences us who enjoy their works of art.
Today we will present the truth in the work of Misha Meghna and why not know a little more about her? A wonderful visual artist that will captivate your mind and show you the beauty inside every culture. Will you be able to appreciate it?
Meet Misha Meghna, a London based visual artist. B-side had a conversation with the talented creator about art, creativity and sneaker.
Can you describe your craft?

Misha: I’m an image maker, I also direct.

 What was the first photo you took?

Misha: I took contemporary art in university as my major and we were creating an installation. As a part of that, I had to take various photos and for some reason that is the first photo I remember taking and thinking this is it, this is what I could do. It was my friend underwater with her eyes wide open at the camera.

Can you explain your creative process?

Misha: My ideas come from anywhere really, I sometimes dream ideas, but I also watch and listen to things that help me. I don’t have a specific process where I sit down and create ideas. It doesn’t work that way for me because seeing things and feeling and listening is everything to me. It really helps me.

If you can pick five key people, who would you want to shoot in this lifetime?

Misha: This is tough because I genuinely like picturing people who I can challenge and don’t really have a wish list but if I had to choose, I want to work with people who would have fun and be up for doing wild things, so I feel like Rihanna would be great for that reason. Adriana Lima is a dream in front of the camera. Naomi Campbell of course because she’s iconic. I would also want to shoot WITH Pat McGrath as she’s an iconic makeup artist. Also, Fucci Floss is a great stylist so would love to work with him on a project also.


 Can you tell us your favourite sneaker of all time?

Misha: Pretty basic but I’ve been a Vans kid for life so it’s only right.

See more Misha’s work here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mishameghna/

Website: https://mishameghna.tumblr.com


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