B-side Community Feature: Mr. Bailey

 Are you trying to learn more about the urban fashion world, but don't know what you should focus on first? I propose that you first meet their designers, there is something special about designs that goes beyond "how they look"; It is the history of its roots. The mind of the subject where each creation is born is a world full of incredible ideas waiting to be connected with some inspiration from the outside world. When you get to know the designer and what is the purpose of what he does, you will immediately connect with his work and understand more about his vision.

Today we want to talk to you about a designer who is attracting attention with his revolutionary designs of footwear, with a clean but risky style, in which the passion for his work is shown. It will leave you fascinated.

Meet Mr Bailey, a London based product designer, the founder of footwear architect and the director @ConceptKicks.

B-side Community Feature: Mr. Bailey Brand

Can you describe your craft?

    I am a product designer who focused on footwear.

    How would you describe your world in 3 words?

      Family, Travel and Products

      What inspires you?

      I get inspired by people and process.

      Can you please explain your creative process?

      I need good music good, coffee and travel during my creative process.

      When was your first introduction into footwear?

        When I first saw a basketball teammate pulled out the Jordan 13s from his bag.

        Who is the most inspiring artist of 2018?

          Sruli Recht (Product Designer)

          Please pick a soundtrack to your life.

            Deep Down Body Thurst by N.E.R.D

            Deep Down Body Thurst by N.E.R.D


            What is your favourite sneaker of all time?

              Nike Air Woven Footscape.

              Nike Air Woven Footscape

              See more Mr Bailey’s work here:

              Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrbailey_/

              Website: http://mrbailey.co.uk/

              B-side Community Feature: Mr. Bailey

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