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Netizens are definitely impressive, they manage to connect times, places, and situations and turn it into rumors, which circulate all over the internet and there is nothing left but to confess the reality of that rumor. Be true or not.

And then, they have done it again (lol). 

The rumors that circulated on the internet of who would be the face of the September cover of the super famous Vogue magazine were confirmed by American Vogue and it is about our beloved Beyoncé.


The photo session was held in the outskirts of the English capital, London, in a very country style. And although it is not the first Vogue cover on which the singer appears, Vogue stated:

"The fourth cover of Beyoncé's Vogue was really a collaborative effort: when Vogue suggested photographer Tyler Mitchell to Beyoncé, the star immediately said yes to the opportunity to work with this young artist."

So they love how the girl looks on their covers.

In the photos you can witness, freshness and a certain power, typical of our favorite girl, Beyoncé stands out in beauty and also authenticity. With small touches of sensuality in her eyes and extravagance in her features.

The print on the cover is of a self-confident woman who feels powerful, and in the statement she says:

"Everyone’s voice counts" implying that we will be presented with a very profound article, expressing the opinion of the singer about the rights of human beings. Perhaps covering issues of race, thoughts, philosophies and beliefs.

Already, more than once, the beautiful singer has spoken out against racism and has declared her thinking about the way in which the world is still presented on these issues. In her own words:

 "It's important for me to show my children images that reflect their beauty, so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror first through their own families, as well as in the Super Bowl news, the Olympics, and the White House and the Grammys and see themselves and have no doubt that they are beautiful, intelligent and capable, this is something I want for each child of each race and I feel it is vital that we learn from the past and renegotiate our tendencies to repeat our own mistakes "

So the article will give much to talk about. From her songs to her personality, they have reflected confidence, and above all always wanted to put the woman very high (which is probably also the main theme of the article), empowering and thus putting women in a state of equality with the men of today. We'll see what will happen.

Another curious topic that we can deal with is the photographer, YAAAAs, a diamond in the rough. At only 23 years old, Tyler Mitchell is also one of the youngest photographers to have shot a Vogue cover. And it's not just that: HE'S THE FIRST BLACK ARTIST to do it.

Tyler Mitchell, a native of Atlanta, studied film and television at NYU, but his interest in photography comes from more than his university years. A lover of skateboarding, he was on top of a skateboard in which the desire to capture moments became his passion. "Of course there is an attractive vibe and rebellious spirit in skateboarding, but what makes skateboarders artists is much deeper than that: it's not a competition-based sport, but a sense of community," he said. Vogue

His work caught the attention of magazines such as Teen Vogue, i-D magazine, Dazed, The FADER, among others, as well as advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

Despite her youth, Beyoncé did not feel strange for him, but rather accepted the boy's talent and made him feel very comfortable, so much so that Mitchell was able to express.

"When she sat down to pose, I immediately felt the level of comfort that one has with a friend and it took me by surprise. It's easy to imagine that someone as famous as Beyoncé would be suspicious of her image, but it's an open book and that's exactly what you want as a photographer. It's funny because I'm sure that she was the main act of the first concert I went to, when I was eight or one, so I could say that we met in a past life, "the photographer said.

So it's not just a cover more than a pretty face, everything has a story and a background.

Let us know your comments on the cover and what you expect in the Vogue magazine article to Beyoncé.


Up to here, Ana Rodriguez


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