Inspiration & Direction Behind B-side

How did you incorporate your cultural heritage into your designs?

My cultural heritage is always a part of who I am. My parents are Nigerian and I grew up in the UK, so I got the African side and the British side. When I first started my clothing line, my aunty was a textile manufacturer from Africa so I started to play around and made streetwear with the fabric. At the time, I could only make one garment out of one pack of fabric, so all my pieces were unique. My designs are streetwear style with African inspired prints.

What was your vision for B-side and where do you see the brand going as it grows?

The vision I’ve always had on streetwear is that it is understood on the catwalks in high fashion. I think the fashion industry has changed a lot now. It is fast-paced with high standard. I am really thrilled and excited about streetwear because it has developed to high fashion. Streetwear on runways is like the biggest thing now. I think it is a healthy direction for B-Side and I see there is a long way to go. 

Since B-side has re-launched recently, can you please tell us what is the new approach?

It is not much different than before when it comes to product. I think the approach of communicating with customers is slightly different now because of the rise of social media. There was no social media in the past. We used to go through the traditional PR route. I think B-Side is moving a lot faster than before. Fashion now is pretty much instant so there is less time to create and go through the process. 

How would you describe B-side in three words?

True, Art and London

What advice would you give to young people who are passionate about streetwear and would like to start their own brand?

I think is it a great journey and now is much easier to start a brand as it can become popular very quickly. I think you need to use the skills that you have and it is important to enjoy it as much as you can when you are creating your brand. It can be great fun working with your friends, because you can all travel together, party together, sew together, and hang out.

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