KAWS New Sculpture in South Korea

We love art Who doesn’t? Above all, street art, everything that is risky and outside protocol, draws our attention.

Street art is very hated, but at the same time highly praised by all, it depends on the perspective of each one, for some it is a form of expression for others in a form of vandalism, for some it is a way of beautifying with visual culture, for others it is to expose censorship and messages that are contrary to the law or the rules. What is outside the protocol is what people talk about.

Who is Kaws?

 (Are you being serious?) Just in case you forgot, I leave a bit of information about him.

Kaws is an expert, our favorite street artist, with many years of experience, never ceases to amaze us, KAWS is today the biggest icon in life of street art that could break with all the barriers that someone not founded within the galleries could have broken, although many judge it and refer to it as a "sold" (for marketing and exhibiting their creations as if they were works of art despite their street origins), he remains true to their beliefs and keeps us hallucinated for his creations.

KAWS started in the world of graffiti painting on the advertisements, and nobody took them into account, after a long time the ads were forgotten, but when the fame of Kaws finally exploded everyone looked everywhere for these works and commented a lot on them. Now he has collaborated with many companies, the same ones of which were the ads he modified. The artist exhibits his paintings and sculptures in prestigious art galleries and museums, has taken part in some cartoons such as SpongeBob, Daria and The Simpsons, has designed exclusive sneakers and has worked with great artists.

Bigger is better! Excellent philosophy

This time we want to talk about one of his most recent works, a large sculpture that has installed in South Korea, one of his sculptures "Companion" showing that bigger is better, the piece was seen in the intermittent exhibitions of KAWS "Where the End Starts" at the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth in Texas and was recently purchased directly from Galerie Perrotin. The sculpture, which is currently a work in progress, is not related to the giant floating figure AllRightsReserved x KAWS that will reside on Lake Seokchon. This installation is the largest exhibited by the artist. His monumental sculptures have been exhibited in prestigious places such as the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, United Kingdom and the Brooklyn Museum, New York.


This is how the world is filling up with sculptures by Kaws, it is not strange, the man is full of talent, so do not be surprised when you have a large sculpture of this man in front of your house, well I think it will only be like this if You have millions of dollars (LOL), since that is the price for your magnificent works.

Tell us what you think about this great artist! We await your comments!



Up to here, Ana Rodríguez.

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