London Fashion Week Recap

Today we bring you a recount, a brief summary, of what was experienced in the fashion week in London, after having triumphed (as always) in NY, the designers made the English capital shine with their work, and we can say that There was a lot of diversity of styles on this runway.

Pure art, is what was seen in the fashion week in London, despite the diversity in each design almost all collections had the base color black, giving most of them an elegant but basic touch.

Fashion Week in London was dedicated to female power, we saw many fashion shows inspired by a strong and independent woman, with very large silhouettes, the oversized style dominated the runways, as well as the Victorian style, and asymmetric and architectural figures. We saw a style in the unusual fabric, using transparencies as a basis in many collections. In fine fabrics and in fabrics such as lace. There is something for everyone.


As we said before, the event was dedicated to feminine power, and the designers reflected the woman in all her splendor: a delicate and elegant woman, a daring woman, a self-confident woman, a sexy woman and a free woman, are few of the feminine aspects that were demonstrated on the runway.

Burberry dismissed Christopher Bailey as creative director of the brand and also gave us the opportunity to see Cara Delevigne again on the runway. The brand stood out in its parade to pay homage to the LGTB community.

But hey, fashion week not only stood out on the runways, but the English capital was revolutionized by the Street style that we saw. Influencers, socialites and great personalities, impacted with their style on the street, proving that good taste and fashion did not remain in NY city.



Tell us what were your thoughts about the London fashion week, are you also a fashionista?


Article by, Ana Rodríguez.

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