Meet Walé Adeyemi. The creative director of B-side.

Meet Walé Adeyemi. The creative director of British streetwear label B-side, is currently based in the heart of East London, United Kingdom. Wale is an entrepreneur, industry spokesperson, music promoter, ambassador for The Prince's Trust and stylist to numerous celebrities. Today, we had a conversation with Wale so that we can get to know more about him and B-side. 

When and how did you start B-side? How did you get interested in fashion?

I’ve been designing and working for B-side about 20 years now. Since I’ve started my career, I started buying second-hand clothing and reconstructing it, and changing the details. And I’ve started to sort of make stuff for friends. My link has always been worked toward the music industry. I love working with artists and my friends with bands. And I used to dress them and I feel like this is how I initially got into that sort of fashion music lifestyle. In the past, there weren’t many shops they were doing streetwear. My consumer was always about the music so I used to go to the record stores and sell my t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies there. And this is how I got into the streetwear fashion. It was very interesting because there was no internet in the old days when I started my fashion career. It was all about searching for things and searching sort of being exclusive. When a particular person wants a particular garment, it tells a lot of information about that person because you would curious about where did they get the garment from.

What has it been like creating a label, B-side? 

It’s been an amazing journey. It feels like a love affair as everyone knows fashion business is a tough game. I’ve worked with lots of interesting and creative people around the world. I’m very grateful for this. Although fashion business has ups and downs, difficult times in the business where it is not done so well, I think that’s a situation a lot of people go through it. We all learn from those experiences and do it better next time.

What are you working on currently? 

With B-side, we work the whole brand based on the community and subjects. That’s why we called the latest collection as 'Community Goods'. And B-side is taking out the typical aesthetics, making it relevant today. We keep the same silhouette: T-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodies. We always describe the brand at somewhere between the curb and the boutique which means it’s kind of streetwear with sort of boutique fashion element. 

Conversation continues. Stay tuned on our next blog post about the 'Inspiration and Direction Behind B-side' next week.

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