Nas New Album Produced By Kanye West

They did it again! When two great talents come together it is almost certain that they will wipe out everything. Kanye West and our dear rapper Nas, both together and separately, have done very well throughout their careers and this year they decided to join to create magic.

Mr. West has long since announced the release date of several of his productions with different artists, and this was definitely one of the ones that caught our attention! You can clearly admire the participation of Kanye in this album, not only because both made a collaboration, but because there is a little touch of him in all the songs, which help to highlight and reflect more the personality of Nas. So the boy knows what he does!

Nas has captured us again, from the name of his new album to the cover of it, leaving to mind the opportunity to open up and understand the symbolism of it.

Now, within this album there are a lot of beautifully created things. The songs, let's talk about the songs, pure passion, we could say that we are getting into the same Nas, if you do not believe me then, I invite you to listen to their songs, and only admire their purity. The man has a lot to express, formed a great list of songs with really deep themes, but this created mixed opinions Elizabeth Aubrey, of NME, wrote: "Although stylistically, Nasir can have many strong moments, his contradictions make him a listener difficult and problematic: it is the silences here that often deafen "and for the AV Club, Colin McGowan praised Kanye West's "prodigiously triumphant production" in songs like "I Can not Explain" and Nas's political conscience in "Cops Shot the Kid"

So, only you can draw your own conclusions, we always leave you the information and why not? We push you to listen to the album because we love Nas, he is the King, there is no doubt about that, but as we told you that will depend on your own opinion.

What are you waiting for? The new Nas Album, "Nasir" is already in the market, take advantage, and leave your thoughts about it.

We hope that the content has been helpful, we wait for you in a next publication. Have a great day.

Article by, Ana Rodríguez.

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