Rihanna Launch Savage x Fenty (Shoreditch)

Ok, folks, I really wanted to write this article, we really love Rihanna! How can we not love her? I mean, the girl does everything. Her talent is overwhelming, she sings, she dances, she acts, she is a great businesswoman! What more can we ask? And even then it does not stop surprising us. Once again she makes her personality and strong presence present with a beautiful line of lingerie, which has left us all speechless.

Not satisfied with that, the girl has taken it further, trying to see how it is going in London, has launched a pop-up store in Shoreditch, it's already her second attempt and both have been surprisingly successful.
But hey, before diving into the subject let's talk a little about the Savage x Fenty brand. Let's talk about sensuality and comfort, but let's also talk about style. Rihanna brought us the best combination of those things, you can feel comfortable, sexy and at the same time stylish with Savage's designs, this line of lingerie brings out the best in you, no matter what type of skin or body, we can all and for sure we will feel beautiful when using it.
Knowing all this, Rihanna has decided to try her line in the London market, and of course she has obtained a large and positive response. It's just that, not only your fans but also any girl will love this line.

After announcing through Instagram the launching of the store, everyone was prepared for the big day, and the launch was successful, the pop-up store also had space for special guests, interactive experiences and daily surprises, with an appearance by Rihanna the event was consummated.
Definitely everything that the girl touches becomes gold! The store looked great with a sexy vibe, but it also gave girls a space to make them feel cute and pretty.

And you? Could you be part of the thousands of girls who attended the pop-up? Tell us!

Article by, Ana Rodríguez.

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