Russian Street Style

It is logical that the country with the largest territory in the world has a huge population, and there is no doubt that they have style, some more than others of course, even more so when the country is home to the World Cup. soccer, sport that we all love.

That's why today we want to talk a little about the street style that we can witness in Russia, we can definitely say that everyone has a characteristic feature that defines them, and that makes them stand out all over the world.

We bring you some of the great style samples that the Russians have.

For the strong days of winter, you definitely have to cover yourself, but the Russians are taking it even further, layers and layers of coats, of different types of coats and sweaters, in whatever style; Fur coats, bright coats and sharp blazers, make the outfits a wonderful mix, combined with skirts or simple pants make each layer stand out, do not use very exaggerated accessories, nothing that can overshadow the visual point of the outfit that of course are the layers on the upper part of the body.

Hats are not exactly what is being used most, it is opting to use silk scarves (preferably) Babushka style.

On the sunniest days, they are wearing little glasses of the adolescent style that create a more vintage and youthful look, in addition comfortable and functional, the clothes are lighter, they are still wearing layers, but a little more transparent.

In spring there is no exception to show off in the streets, less warm clothes, also less colorful, dark shades, black and gray predominate, although some put strong touches of color. The point is to make the outfit stand out in the middle of all the color that nature can exhibit in the spring.

They are not wearing garments for hair, the outfits are bright with large bags that stand out, they do not have much color either.


But we must also give some participation to the boys, right? The sporty style is the safest these days, easy to wear, comfortable and warm, but gives an air of authenticity quite unique to each boy.

Well not only sporty looks, but also the casual, wide and careless has marked the style of the boys in the streets of Russia.

That's part of what the boys and girls are wearing today! Proving again that style is everywhere, wherever you look at it, the modern man or woman, they are letting go of their innovative ways of seeing fashion, making it clear that creativity is part of our lives, and that you can reflect your personality through what you use.

Let us know your thoughts about what they are wearing.


Up to here, Ana Rodríguez.


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